Adam Yanalunas


Sweats the details, especially in the UI. Likes working on cool things. Prefers being part of a team but can cowboy code until the cows come home.

Currently: iOS (Swift and SwiftUI). Previously: Objective-C, Android (Java and Kotlin), Ruby (but not Rails), JavaScript, browser stuff, relational databases, and a little Node.js.

Technology is cool and everything but it’s only really neat if used to make the world a better place and improve lives.

Would you like to know more?

My strengths are:

  • Empathy for users and their experience
  • Helping people so they can do their best work
  • Writing the kind of code that helps the rest of the team write less code
  • Making complex and rich applications easily usable
  • Championing automated testing, builds, and as many other things as possible
  • Application architecture

I like my code clean, my tests fast, and my reviews honest.

While I am currently employed full-time I am always interested in hearing about cool projects that are looking for a little extra freelance help. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and talk with me about what you’re working on. Collaboration is cool!

Mobile Apps

eBay iOS SwiftUI Swift

If it involves vehicles that’s where I can be found.

ServiceNow Agent / ServiceNow Mobile iOS Swift Ruby

These apps are completely driven by customer-specific data and rules. Which tabs, what fills them, what content is ordered where, which screens feed into the next, and more.

My work focused on primary features, architecture changes to support unit testing, log in features, and accessibility. These apps are very complex and I had code that affected nearly every area either directly or indirectly in some way.

I spent many hours working on automation in and around the app. Developer workspace setup, PR unit test runs, builds, white label…the list is nearly infinite. If it was worth automating, I did it.

ServiceNow iOS SDK XCFramework Swift Package Manager

Allows customers to bring ServiceNow mobile features directly into their existing app.

Using compiled frameworks in XCFramework and packaged with Swift Package Manager, this was a a process of using cutting-edge tooling and dealing with the pains that involves.

ServiceNow Mobile Branded App Xcode Ruby

This is a white label service offered to customers who want the ServiceNow mobile app experience but custom branded for their needs.

Icon, app name, launch screen, palate, and more are customized via customer input and the app automatically appears in TestFlight, ready for them to use and promote into their business App Store account.

Classroom Solution iOS Swift Objective-C

An iPad app used by teachers in the classroom to run lesson plans, interact with students, and more.

A great example of a “legacy” codebase. Mix of modern Objective-C and Swift. Constant change from many hands. Rich with features. Lots of fun to refine the architecture as we improve and add functionality.

Learning Solution Android Java Kotlin

An all-in-one classroom app that runs on phones, tablets, and Chromebooks for students and teachers alike. Unique features for teachers and students.

Leveraging modern Java, Kotlin, RxAndroid, and more this codebase is surprisingly flexible. Everything works seamlessly between platforms which is pretty rad.

Academic Solution iOS Swift Android Kotlin

Used to review the performance of Amco products and those administering them. A webview wrapper app that makes login and session persistence simple and elegant.

Different native apps each for iOS and Android means these apps blend seamlessly into their host OS, making their login and loading processes delightful and unsurprising.

Bēmstrēm iOS Swift

A message aggregation app for parents, administrators, teachers, and anybody else that needs to stay up-to-date with announcements, field trips, and other school activities.

Lots of work went into making the UI fun and rich while avoiding confusion and surprises. Some neat uses of UIKit under the hood that users will never have to see.

Lifesquare iOS Objective-C

Seemingly abandoned, which is a shame. A novel idea to bridge the gap between emergency response and hospital check in that used patient-supplied information available via QR code.

This was a rare freelance project completed in an absolutely mad dash. Geolocation, QR scanning, profile management, and more.

Constellation iOS Objective-C JavaScript

An electronic book platform available across browsers and mobile devices with seamless syncing.

I was responsible for initial mockups, planning, storyboarding, and generally getting this project going. Although most of my work was on the browser side I worked with the systems and mobile teams to make sure everyone played nicely together. I haven’t been involved in this app since 2011 which is kind of wild to think about. Looks like Bridgepoint is still pushing updates so good for them!


danger-swiftlint creator
A Danger plugin for displaying SwiftLint issues in your PR
Font creator
A Swift library to make custom fonts in iOS play nice with Dynamic Type
My Objective-C style guide creator
Definitely some unpopular opinions in there but I think it makes for pretty and predictable code.
enhance creator
enhance is a simple image viewer with zooming and UIDynamics for maximum fun.
loudspeaker creator
An AVQueuePlayer-backed audio player for iOS with a modern, minimal UI.
riverss contributor
Steven Frank (yes, that stevenf) was working on an RSS aggregator but the setup process was a bit clunky. I contributed a setup script to make that first use experience a bit nicer.
librato-iOS creator
A delightful and easy librato library for iOS.
SSZipArchive contributor
Contributor to SSZipArchive, a simple utility class for zipping and unzipping files. creator
An in-progress tool for understanding clang-format and building your own .clang-format file. Feel free to submit a pull request.
Batman contributor
I've contributed to Batman fighting crime and kicking apps.
sanity creator
A flexible, easy way to check configuration settings at app startup and control app flow.
tiltShift.js contributor
a jQuery plugin using CSS3 filters to replicate the tilt shift effect
backbone.abide.js creator
Manage multiple AJAX submissions and backbone views
Polite Focus creator
A nicer way of asking for focus on a form element